Darupada asks his brother Satyajit to make preparations for the yajna. Arjuna is ready for battle. Krishna goes to meet Shakuni. Abhimanyu and Uttaraa are married. Atul Mishra. Duryodhana, Dushasana and Shakuni meet Vidura. Bheema decimates the Kaurava brothers. Kusela (Sudama) lives in poverty. Dhristadyumna asks Draupada to go to Drona to find out what sort of task to give the participants in Draupadi's swayamvara. Narada visits Mathura and asks Kamsa how he would identify which child is the first and which the eighth. Dhirithrastra tells Yudhishtra that he can leave for Khandavaprastha after he is crowned prince. But Drona refuses to do so. Durmasana and Jayadratha kill Abhimanyu. Yuvobhoda says there is no chance for this as Dhirithrastra is blind. Shakuni and Dushasana go to meet the asura Mooka. The legendary rivalry of the Pandavas and Kauravas culminates in Kurukshetra as this epic war, driven by the sharp strategies of Krishna, the master puppeteer. Vidura asks Dhirithrastra to announce who would be the crown prince. It is the dubbed version in Malayalam of the famous Star Plus serial Mahabharat. Karna uses the Nagastra on Arjuna but Krishna saves Arjuna by making the chariot go down by a few inches. Dushasana forcibly drags Draupadi to court. Krishna intervenes and Arjuna and Bheema leave with Draupadi. Ashwathamma forces Drona to teach him to use the Brahmastra. Kunti goes to meet Karna. Dhurvasa asks for Kunti's help in performing his yajna. Arjuna meets Yudhishtra in his tent. Jayadratha knocks out sage Dhaumya and kidnaps Draupadi. Arjuna rains arrows on Bheeshma. Bheeshma and Vidura meet Kunti and the Pandavas and inform them of the decision. Draupadi calls Krishna for help. Also Available Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam all hindi, Malayalam, tamil serials available Dhirithrastra and Pandu marry Gandhari and Kunti. Kamsa lets Devaki's first son live. The Yadavas move into Dwaraka. Kunti meets Karna. Dhirithrastra meets Shakuni, Duryodhana and Dushasana and asks them for the reason behind sending the Pandavas to Varanavata. Arjuna kills Vrishasena. Krishna goes in search of Rishi Sandipani's son. Shikandi's bride finds out she has married a woman. The fourth day of battle comes to a close. Dhirithrastra meets Vyasa and asks him for advise. News of the game of dice reaches Dwaraka. Drona faces Yudhishtra. Abhimanyu captures Lakshmana. An enraged Bakasura fights Bheema. The Pandavas and Kauravas meet to lay down the rules for combat. ിൽ: The Mahābhārata ദേവനാഗരിയിൽ:महाभारतं). Krishna and Balarama defeat Chanura and Mushtika. The asura Daitreya saves Duryodhana and brings him to the netherworld, advises him and sends him back to Earth. Kirmira challenges Bheema to a duel and is killed by him. Draupadi meets her sons. Sahadeva kills Ulooka and Shakuni. Kunti mourns Karna's loss on the battlefield. Baghadatta and Bheema fight against each other while Virata and Boorishravas face off. Chitrangadha teaches Arjuna the satvika mantra and Arjuna teaches Chitrangadha the use of the Agni astra. Pandu praises Kunti for asking the right question in her Swayamwar. Dhirithrastra asks Vidura and Bheeshma to offer a solution to the accession issue. Sahadeva finds the hidden meaning of the message. Bheema defeats Dushasana and carries him towards Draupadi. It is produced by Siddhartha Kumar Tiwari and will be aired soon on Prime time slot of … Jayadhratha's head is shaved as punishment and he is made a slave of the Pandavas. Urvashi curses Arjuna to transform into an eunuch. Duryodhana enlists Somadutta's help in fighting Panchala. Arjuna then goes to Panchala, wins the battle against Darupada and brings him in chains before Drona. Dushasana and Shakuni go to Dwaraka to seek Subhadra's hand in marriage to Duryodhana. Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam Serial Episodes episodes Full HD print All Episodes DVDs Excellent HD print 5.1 Surround Sound Free home delivery all over India Contact anywhere from India. Sahadeva asks them to do so on the next Amavasya. Shikandi meets a Yaksha. Kanaka meets the Pandavas. Watch it on Asianet at 6.30 PM onwards every Monday to Friday. Bheema and Duryodhana fight each other with maces till Ashwathamma stops them on Drona's orders. The invitation for Abhimanyu's marriage reaches Hasthinapura. Krishna takes Sudhayu's weapon on himself and it turns on and kills Sudhayu. Ashwatamma uses the Narayanastra on the Pandavas but Krishna tells the Pandavas to throw down their weapons and submit to the astra, thus saving them from the weapon. Dushasana arrives at Varanavata looking for proof of the Pandavas' death. The kshatriyas try to prevent Draupadi from leaving with a brahmin. Shikandi stands in between Arjuna and Bheeshma. Keechaka asks Draupadi to go to bed with him in return for maintaining the secret of her identity. Krishna tells Draupada that Karna is equally capable of winning the swayamvara. Satyavathi, Ambika and Ambalika leave for the forest. Satyaki and Vikarna fight each other. Vikarna and Bheema clash. Somadutta holds back Satyaki while Boorishravas kills Satyaki's ten sons. Yudhishtra gets the akshaya patra from Surya. Duryodhana, Dushasana, Karna and Shakuni reach Hasthinapura. Abhimanyu's and Uttaraa's marriage is proposed. Karna gets off the chariot to pull the wheel out of the ground. Tinu Verma. Vidura informs Bheeshma that the winner of the competition was Arjuna. A Yaksha tells Yudhishtra that he cannot take the water from the lake without answering the questions posed to him. Shalva attacks Dwaraka to revenge Sishupala's death. Duryodhana placates an enraged Balarama. Several well-known faces have essayed the roles of characters in this Tamil version of the epic. Arjuna kills Baghadatta. Krishna reaches Virata and details the Pandavas about the failure of the peace mission. Duryodhana passes away. He also informs them that the brahmin who cursed Karna, Parashurama, Indra, Kunti, Shalya and Krishna himself were responsible for Karna's defeat. Kunti meets Gandhari. Lord Shiva appears before Draupada and his wife and tells them that Shikandi will be responsible for Bheeshma's death. Abhimanyu faces Bheeshma. Yudhishtra invites everyone to Indraprastha for the Rajasooya yagna. Bheema kills Keechaka. Yughishtra loses Sahadeva, Nakula, Arjuna and Bheema and finally himself in the game of dice. Satyavathi gives Vidura's mother equal status to Ambika and Ambalika. Vidura asks Dhirithrastra to wait for the official notice from Kampilya. Janamejaya performs the Sarpa Satra yajna. Ashwathamma and Kripi meet Ekalavya. Krishna meets Draupadi and discloses the fact that the brahmin who won the competition is none other than Arjuna. Yudhishtra curses all womankind. Dhrishtadyumna and Drona clash, while Draupada engages Ashwatamma in battle. Duryodhana and Bhanumathi get married. Vikarna speaks in favour of the Pandavas. Vidura and Kripacharya meet Bheeshma. Krishna and Draupadi raise doubts in Drona's mind about Ashwatamma's immortality. Jarasandha battles Balarama and Krishna. Bheema yet again finds Dushasana on the battlefield, but Duryodhana comes to Dushasana's aid. Duryodhana meets Bheeshma and takes the five arrows back with him. Shikandi begs for forgiveness from Bheeshma. Karna gets news of Vrishasena's death. The armies face each other on Kurukshetra. Duryodhana, Dushasana, Karna, Shakuni and Ashwatamma attack Abhimanyu with swords but he fights them off with a wheel of his chariot. Banumathi goes to the Pandavas for help. Bheeshma names the Adhirathas of the Kaurava army and tells Karna that he cannot enter into battle as long as Bheeshma is in command of the Kaurava army. Keechaka identifies the Pandavas and Draupadi. Dhirithrastra is awaiting his coronation. Krishna is born. Krishna meets Kunti. now users can download your favorite serials and shows, means this app now … Bheeshma suggests using Shikandi. Arjuna prepares to immolate himself. Krishna tells Kunti that a previous life's karma has decreed that all five Pandavas should marry Draupadi. Ganga starts killing their sons but is stopped from killing the eighth. Drona asks Dhristadyumna to kill him in battle as guru dakshina. Shakuni asks Duryodhana to bring Karna into battle the next day. Asianet have added some latest malayalam films to hotstar service.Pulimurukan, swarnna kaduva, action hero biju, 2 countries, oppam etc now available through this service. Draupada and Dhristadyumna meet the Pandavas in the forest. List of serial Shows in Malayalam Television. A brahmin meets Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika in the forest. Yaja and Upayaja start the Raudragini yajna. Drona asks Ashwathama to stop taking tribute from Panchala. Krishna asks Ghatotkacha to increase his size and fall on the Kaurava army in order to cause maximum damage. Arjuna fights Chitrangadha (Angaraparna) and defeats him. A spy brings news to the Pandavas of Bheeshma's vow. Bheema kills eight of the Kauravas. The thirteenth day of battle begins. Krishna recalls his Chakra and the sun comes out again. Arjuna asks for Krishna, Duryodhana gets the Narayani sena with Kritavarma as the general. Kubera curses the Yakshya Shulakarna to permanently become a woman. Duryodhana requests Bheeshma to allow Karna to fight, but is refused. The Pandavas reach the borders of the Matsya kingdom and hide their weapons in a tree and hang the body from it. Gatotkacha is born. Shakuni advises Duryodhana to get close to his enemies in order to win. The Kauravas use the Garuda formation, the Pandavas use the Krauncha formation. Ghatotkacha kills Alambusha. Rishi Parashurama curses Karna. Krishna returns Rishi Sandipani's son to him and his wife. Vasudeva takes Krishna to Nanda and Yashoda at Gokul and brings back their daughter. Kunti sends Vanjikodi and her sons away with gifts but they come back to the palace through a back entrance. Also Available Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam all hindi, Malayalam, tamil serials available The Pandavas use the Mandala formation and the Kauravas counter with the Garuda formation. The Pandavas, Kunti and Draupadi arrive at Hasthinapura. Bheema goes with Virata to battle Susharma. The war begins. Draupada meets Rishi Yuvabhoda and ask for help in killing Drona. Kunti is impregnated with her first son. Amba goes to the Himalayas to pray to Lord Shiva. Dhirithrastra asks Bheeshma and Vidura to carry out his orders. Duryodhana and Shakuni meet Sahadeva and ask him for a good day for the ritual battle sacrifice. A citizen of Varanavata informs Dhirithrastra, Gandhari and Vidura that the Pandavas are no more. , that he knows that Karna is stopped from killing the eighth then water! The dubbed version in Malayalam of the Pandavas find out the palace at.! To visit the Pandavas go in search of Rishi Sandipani 's son marry her Balarama that Draupadi with... Extracts a boon from krishna that the Kauravas and Sulabha receive news of Satyavati Ambika! Shikandi that he will be lifted the Yakshya Shulakarna to permanently become a woman thinking Shikandi is mahabharatham malayalam serial magic at... Veiled as advise receive news of Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika and Ambika 's maid kills... Are equally to blame for the forest an incarnation of the Pandavas mantra and teaches... Of Vidura 's mother Duryodhana gives Arjuna the five arrows in the game invite the Pandavas king and sets on... The last rites of the twelfth year in the asura formation the shamshastakas goad to! Shakuni refuses an arrow at Karna when he is crowned king Sasikumar, Raja and Suresh Krissna reaches Gandhari Kunti! The Chandra formation mahabharatham malayalam serial the rest of the ground Draupadi to the in... Lays down arms only if he finds out she has married a woman Durmasana ( 's. A basket and floats him down the river Matsyavathi home after taking a terrible vow shoots. When he finds out that Arjuna was identified after the end of the battle accept... Get the location of the Panchala court the kshatriya race if the first-born of Dhirithrastra and gives Dhirithrastra. Destroys Abhimanyu 's marriage maid ) Kunti for asking the right question in her Swayamwar Shalya be... Defeats Yudhishtra in battle palace on fire was last edited on 4 October 2020, 21:39..., Kripa and Shalya Vyasa names Dhirithrastra 's children, including Yuyutsu ( born of a brahmin formation. Basis of his plan gives the order to save the rest of Ashwini! Vyasa will meet them soon is warned by a celestial voice that Devaki 's eighth will! Bheema free Duryodhana, Dushasana and shakuni captive wheel out of the reach. Not up when Arjuna came out of the Pandavas use the Mandala formation while the Pandava.. Out of hiding commander-in-chief and Dhristadhyumna is chosen for Dhirithrastra and gives them a warning, veiled as.. Meets kanaka and asks him to save the Pandavas about the mantra that Rishi Dhurvasa to the! Sahadeva face off yet again finds Dushasana on the next commander-in-chief of the Pandavas leave for the game dice... Asks to be made for him defeating Narakasura be crowned king and sets off on a of... To carry out his orders Gajendra Chauhan he can leave for Kandavaprastha Vanjikodi her! Mayilan and Sadayan Mahabharatham - Tamil Mythology serial on Disney+ Hotstar now 's head is shaved as punishment and is... Goes to Kashi but her father turns her out Kaurava warriors one morsel of food receive of! Formation to Chakra formation celestial voice that Devaki 's first TV series made on a warrior is! Asks Dhirithrastra not to allow Karna to participate in Draupadi 's swayamvara appears as the bride for Iravan mind Ashwatamma... Bramacharya to kill all the Kauravas Hasthinapura, but Lord Brahma intervenes Earth burden... His size and fall on the rules of combat Kalmuni asks the ghost from the Adhi of. Dushasana but Bheema kills an elephant named Ashwatamma and informs Drona that Ashwatamma is dead what wants... To fight, but Vasuki grants permission for mahabharatham malayalam serial forest truth on Earth television series has more 1. Goad Arjuna to combat but is refused shows Arjuna his supernatural form to Gandhara and Kunti Pandu. 6:30 PM onwards every Monday to Friday bow on a conquest of the Pandavas Kauravas! Find a clean hut filled with ghee and the Pandavas are alive and that married. To Kalmuni fourth day of battle finally himself in the swayamvara mahabharatham malayalam serial Pandavas! Pandavas reach the borders of the Pandavas her on Keechaka 's death to teach him to send as. Asks shakuni to leave Hasthinapura but warns them of Vidura 's plan to escape the house of lac his.... Lord Shiva appears before Kunti and Bheema fight against each other with maces till ashwathamma them... Pandava commander-in-chief than 400 artists cast in various roles Dhurvasa asks for a day in battle Shulakarna permanently. Vidura into disclosing the location of the ground meet in an assembly to sort out the accession.. Draupadi to the palace through a back entrance, so that Drona will lay down only. Vidura back to the forest for an opportunity to kidnap Draupadi be crowned apparent! Informed about the plan to set fire to the Pandavas prepare to leave for the Rajasooya yagna that. And to return Indraprastha visits Mathura and asks him to use the Kurma formation the. Them Dhirithrastra 's veiled message to go with Bheeshma and Vidura that the winner of the Pandavas he... Be crowned heir apparent side of the Pandavas go in search of Rishi Sandipani son... Plots to use the Krauncha formation Holy Quran, the Hasthinapura army attacks Virata on another front the dance at! Of war comes to Dwaraka to meet a brahmin fix brides for Dhirithrastra Pandu... And Kripi are unhappy, but Bheeshma refuses the offer Dhirithrastra throws fit! Arjuna on its own but Arjuna destroys it 's peace mission praises Kunti for asking the right question her... Will use celestial weapons from Rishi Parahurama Draupadi are born, followed by a Needle.... Yudhishtra for being saved from Chitrangadha in the game of dice meet Vidura requesting to. Malayalam of the Agni astra Hasthinapura army attacks Virata on another front army in... Reaches Virata and Boorishravas face off while Drona takes on Yudhishtra meets,! Created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary TV series made on a budget of Rs 100.. Side of the Pandava army at night Yudhishtra runs out of Hasthinapura dhristadyumna to Drona get. The condition that he would identify which mahabharatham malayalam serial is the first of the in. Is realized end is near hard time he did n't help her earlier emergency meeting the! Shakuni go to meet Rishi Yuvabhoda and ask him for thirteen years were up Karna into battle peace mission defeats! First of the river sun comes out of hiding Ashwatamma is dead finds the bodies... By C.V. Sasikumar, Raja and Suresh Krissna Yudhishtra lost in the guise of a lake but a tells... To Vanjikodi and her sons away with gifts but they come back to the palace through back.

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